Saturday, August 6

Linner? Dunch?

My parents are nuts. I love them, and they make me laugh, but I think a big part of all of that is their craziness. Maybe I should use the word quirky instead. Anyway, whatever you call it, my parents have got it. Times ten.

One quirk is that they like to eat early. Now, I know that a lot of not-so-young-anymore folks prefer not to dine too late, but I'm talking UUHHHR-LEEEEEEE! The 'rents really topped themselves today. Notice my use of toDAY, rather than tonight?

They were supposed to go watch some Korean choir perform at 7:30, so they talked about catching dinner at 6 or even 5:30. A bit early, but I could deal. And then my brother called me at 3:15 to tell me, "Umma and Appa want to meet in an hour." An HOUR? Who eats dinner at 4:15 in the afternoon? Is that even called dinner at that point? Most restaurants aren't even open at that time!

Lucky for them, Mexican in the Mission is open at all hours. So, we ate at Pancho Villa at FOUR FIFTEEN P.M. Insane in the membrane.

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