Saturday, August 13

I like yummy things

Over the last week, I indulged in much, so I thought I'd share my week o yumminess:

SUN: Before Wicked, we ate at Le Charm, a great French spot with a fantastic prix fixe menu.

MON: Pizzeria Delfina just opened a few weeks ago, but this was already my fifth visit! Yes, it's THAT good. New Yorkers actually don't scoff at it.

It's right next to Delfina, which is one of my very favorites.

TUES: I can't remember what I did. That means it wasn't very good/fun, or it was TOO good/fun. It's more likely the latter.

WED: We had a roommate dinner at Maverick, a new neighborhood spot - at Limon's old location. This picture is from last year's birthday BBQ. Anyway, we shared a bottle of Chasseur pinot noir, a favorite which I originally tasted at Vino Venue. By the way, my absolute fave red is Ridge. It's like heaven in a bottle.

After dinner, we got more drinks - Fernet for me, which almost everyone else thinks is gross - and played erotic photo hunt at the 500 Club. I know I'm home when I see the twinkling neon bubbles of the huge martini glass outside.

THUR: Oysters, clam chowder, and combo seafood salad at Swan Oyster Depot. We were thinking about getting scotchmallows at See's afterwards, but we were too full.

FRI: Sometimes I crave the ahi poke wasabi bowl at Pacific Catch. This was one of those days. How can you not love seasoned tuna, seaweed salad, avacado and ginger over sushi rice?

We had post-dinner flights at the swanky wine bar, Nectar. It was my first time there, but it won't be my last.

While I'm talking about tasty favorites, I thought I'd throw in a little Gael here, since I watched Motorcycle Diaries again recently. Scrumptious!

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