Friday, August 19

Kiss Kiss! at Chapeau!

I feel like all I do is talk about food, but I can't help it. I am a San Franciscan, after all. I eat and eat and eat, and there is always another new restaurant to discover around the corner, or another old favorite to crave and re-visit.

We took Lee out to an early birthday surprise dinner; we were supposed to try Range, but they had some strange electrical problems. I'll admit that I was initially disappointed, but it's true that when God closes a door, he really does open a window. I guess that pertains to restaurant doors too; this window was the fabulous French restaurant, Chapeau!

I had heard a lot of good things about this neighborhood spot in the Richmond district and had been meaning to try it for years. Now that I finally have, let me just say: LE YUM! Why was this my first visit here? It definitely won't be my last.

We began our experience with the very adorable and very French owner, Phillipe, coming out to greet us. He gave all the girls a kiss, kiss on each cheek, and he shook the hands of the guys in our group. Phillipe's warm welcome set the tone for our wonderful evening. The space may not be the hippest, and the tables may be a bit cramped, but the excellent food and superb sevice far outweigh all that. I tasted every dish ordered by the six people in our party, and each and every one was divine! And Phillipe remained attentive and charming throughout the entire evening. Good food, friends, wine... does life get any better than that? (By the way, here' s a pic of the wine we had. I can never remember French or Italian wines, so when I like one, I take a photo of the label.)

Chapeau without an explanation mark means "hat." Chapeau! with the explanation mark means "wow!" This foodie find makes me go Chapeau! Chapeau! Chapeau!

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