Wednesday, August 3

The best hangover cure!

We celebrated Janet's birthday Saturday. Happy Birthday, Chenja! Love you! Let me just say that I'm so glad I have doctor friends.

We began with a yummy Peruvian tapas dinner at Destino, and our night continued like this...

(I was told that my arm looks really long in this picture.)Throw in a lil bit o this.And of course, it's not really a good night if firemen aren't somehow involved!And it ended like this...Actually, truth be told, it ended with me feeling nauseous outside my friends' apartment. I didn't think I drank that much, but I was also really tired and don't normally like eating so much when it's late. Anyway, all I knew was that I was sick, and I couldn't un-sick myself. “Come inside, and we’ll make you feel better!” they told me. Lucky for me, they're both doctors.

“We can stick an I.V. in you!”

I don't have a fear of needles, and I figured I was in good hands. I totally trust these friends, so I went along with it. (Keep in mind, however, THEY both drank that night too.) I sat there, watching them pull out their bag o goodies. It's interesting what anesthesiologists keep in their house. Anyway, they pulled out a bag of salinesque liquid and attached it to a needle, which they then stuck into a vein in my left hand. Everything seemed to be going well UNTIL THE NEEDLE CAME OUT. Not a big deal, but that wasn't suposed to happen, and I should also mention that they didn't have bandaids. Is it just me, or is it weird that they had I.V. materials, but no bandaids???

Anyway, so then they moved to my right hand. I've been told I have good veins. This means I won't be doing any Palmolive commercials, but I sure was happy about my vein-iness this night! They prepped and got the needle into my right hand and then realized that THEY HIT A VALVE. So they had to abort that mission too.

At this point, they had me lie down. They decided to attack my left arm, in the fold where the elbow is. Does that part of the body have a name? Anyway, it was IN, and I was happy, and then I was COLD.

I've only had an I.V. in me twice before: once when I had screws put into my ankle when I broke it in high school R.O.T.C. (which is a whole other story), and then the second time when those screws were taken out. I didn't remember getting so cold back then, but my friends said it was normal. When I say cold, I mean that my teeth were chattering nonstop, but the atmosphere around me wasn't cold at all. I was cold from the inside. It was the weirdest thing.

And then I woke up feeling fabulous! But with all these needle holes in me, I looked like a drug addict. Is that hot? I think not. Anyway, if you ever get to try the I.V., let me tell you, I'm no Tony the Tiger, but it's grrr-rrreat! DO IT.

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