Tuesday, June 27

I'll take earthquakes over THIS

Non-Californians often ask me, "What does an earthquake feel like?"

I tell them that if I'm walking or driving when a smaller tremor hits, I don't feel it. If I'm sitting still, it's similar to having a large train pass by and shake the building. I was at school during the biggie of '89, and even that one wasn't terribly scary for me.

When the crazy thunder and lightning started a few nights ago, followed by news of a flood watch and our flickering lights threatening their failure, THAT was scary.

What does this storm feel like? If all of my worst enemies were hanging out in the clouds and aiming at me with firefighter hoses on full blast... that would leave me feeling relatively safe and dry.

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Parisjasmal said...

I am from Tornado Alley, so storms do not bother me at all. The thought of a earthquake , however makes me scared to death. I guess it is just what you are used to.

When the big one hit in 89, I had just had my wisdom teeth extracted, so I was home from school and on the couch--I got to watch the coverage for about 24 hours straight. I remember being horrified. When a tornado hit that night and we ate dinner by candlelight--ho hum YAWN.