Monday, July 10

Born Into Brothels

Time. I needed time to just shut down for a little while, by myself, for myself. I didn't go anywhere or take time off work, but outside of my daily life, I let myself be purely selfish. And it was good.

I wanted to be lazy and not do laundry, so the pile grew. For once, keeping my thoughts and feelings to myself felt right, so I didn't write. I didn't work out when I didn't want to, guilt-free. I bought shoes.

I am now fat and broke and stupid, and I'm living in a big ole mess - ha!

Alright, it's not really all that bad. But I did need a mental and emotional vacation, so I took it. And I'm feeling better. I've got a good life, but I needed to remind myself of that.

I also gained some perspective over the last couple weeks when I watched Born Into Brothels. These children are born to mothers who work as prostitutes in the red light district of Calcutta. It's heartbreaking to see what their lives entail, but they do find hope through the art of photography. Whenever I vacation abroad, I always come home and become more keenly aware of how rich my life is, in so many respects. I've come back from my mental vacation with a similar mindset.


Rebecca said...

Even if you really are fat and stupid (I'm sure you are not, but....) at least you have shoes!!
And thats the most important thing, after all....haha.

Parisjasmal said...

Glad you are back Jennipah!

Hope you are feeling wonderful.

Please spill about the shoes.
Manolo, Jimmy, Christian?

Have a great day!

lisa said...

"Born Into Brothels" was really good! And eye opening and a tear jerker for me. I get the song at the end of the movie in my head sometimes. Glad you got a chance to relax and watch it. see you soon! :)

jennipah said...

thanks, ladies! my shoes are from a company called Dolce Vita. i already had one pair in white (which lisa coincidentally also owns in black), and i loved them. so i ordered more. they're not as exciting as manolo's or jimmy's, BUT... i did order THREE pairs, so that's kinda fun!

they're super cute and comfy and kinda funky; hard to find, but worth the search. a clerk at barney's asked about mine, and when i told her the brand, she exclaimed, "you're the third person today who told me about those shoes! i'll have to find them." check 'em out if you get the chance!