Tuesday, June 13

Going to town

I'm lucky because my job allows me to work from home when I'm not meeting with clients. Now instead of asking if I'm on tour, Taer asks if I'm "going into town?" (Doesn't that sound like we're country bumpkins?) I've gotta say, there's nothing like rolling out of bed and then sending emails and making phone calls in my pajamas.

Taer just called and asked, "You're not going into town today? Well, you can eat those noodles in the 'fridge for lunch. Go ahead and go to town on the noodles. Oh, and there's some chicken left from last night too."

Whether or not I go into town and/or go to town on those noodles, I just think it's cute that my man worries about me and tries to take care of me. Is it just me, or does that seem like a bit of a role reversal?

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deb said...

hey jenn -
what's up! i came here to take your personality test! I'm a +1,+1 Socializer. I also stole your feedblitz subscription addin for my blog. I had the same prob as you when I added it - all my margin info got pushed to the bottom. If you want to get rid of it, go to edit template and where your feedblitz code is, change the size from "30" to "20".

In this line:
maxlength="255" type="text" size="20"

Hope that helps!