Thursday, January 19

I'll get to it later... I'm too busy procrastinating right now

The plan was that I would finish packing for my trip tonight...

But I first wanted to make sure I didn't have anything left in the fridge that needed to be either consumed or thrown out. And where the heck was my camera battery charger? Photographs are very necessary, you know. While I was searching for the charger, I noticed that my brows needed cleaning, and my nails were too long. I didn't want to deal with tweezers and nail clippers while I was traveling, did I? Then I called my parents to remind them that I wouldn't be here for our usual Sunday linner. Did I have other phone calls to make? Just one or two maybe... Once I was done with those, I knew I'd be ready to pack for sure. Oh, shoot, I realized I had to write a couple emails too. Then I would lock myself in my room, promise. I walked into my room to stay there for the remainder of the night, but I realized that it would be best for me to take my plants to the living room so that my roommates would remember to water them for me while I was gone. And when I stepped out of my room, seeing my computer reminded me that I hadn't updated my blog yet. And now it's late, and I still have time to pack tomorrow. That's the new plan. It's a good one.

Well, at least my laundry is done (or most of it, anyway). Uh, and I'm sure the folding can wait til tomorrow too.

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