Wednesday, January 11

Sparkling sake

I know what you're thinking: "Sparkling wine is divine, and I often accompany my sushi with sake which is either hot or cold, filtered or not... but sake doesn't sparkle, does it?" It sure does sparkle, and it sparkles oh so well!

My first sparkling sake experience happened at Nihon a few months ago. The familiar flavor of rice tickled my tongue with unfamiliar sweet bubbles, and I absolutely loved each and every sip! I later found another bottle at True Sake. I saved it in our 'fridge until tonight. We decided to open it in honor of two hours of Lost. (I'm so hooked on that show! Did anyone notice the images in the black cloud? We watched it in slo-mo via TiVo.)

Apparently sparkling sake is a relatively new thing in the U.S., and I hope it catches on. Try Harushika "Tokimeki" if you find it anywhere. Tokimeki means "the glowing feeling of being in love." Give me a bottle of this, and you can bet I'll glow!

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