Monday, April 10


I hope my flight isn't any indication of what I can expect from my new life as a Washingtonian.

It started with the cab ride. My taxi driver talked and talked about how it's as good thing he speaks more than one language because he can listen to the different sources of news and know what's really going on with Bush. Awful, awful Bush. I don't usually mind chatty, Bush-bashing drivers, but I was really tired and wasn't in the mood. I was running late for my flight.

And when I turned in my luggage for curbside check-in, I was DENIED because I was over my weight limit. I guess too much stuff in my bags is better than too much junk in my trunk, but it was annoying nonetheless.

I finally got to the gate with only two minutes to spare. It was a full flight, and I found myself seated next to an older Korean couple. The man got up to let me in for my window seat, but the woman tried to remain seated. She pointed at my seat with her hands palm side up, indicating that she wanted me to squeeze past her. I'm sorry to say that I'm more than a mere 4" thick, so that would've required me to CLIMB OVER HER. Sorry, ajuma, but my mama and halmunee (grandma) are the only older Korean women who can ask me to make myself that uncomfortable for them.

After she let me in, I took my window seat and reclined it as soon as I could. The man behind me audibly complained, "Oh, Christ." I must've hit his knees. And then he started PUSHING the back of my chair, as though I would give up the space to which I was entitled. I tried to ignore his nudges and pushes (even though it kept happening through the flight).

So I picked up the in-flight magazine. The cover showcased the feature story, "Three Days in San Francisco."

I immediately began tearing up, and my nostalgia only worsened as I read the actual story. It listed some of my favorite San Francisco spots, and though my tears didn't actually fall, I found myself with a sniffly nose. *Sniff*

And then I looked over at the Korean ajuma next to me to discover that she was wearing a huge straw hat and one of those dont-infect-me-with-your-virus masks. You know, the kind you see people wearing in Asia. She must've thought I had something contagious. I practically burst out laughing!

And THEN that same ajuma got sick. She used her own sick bag, her husband's bag, my bag... I wasn't sure why she didn't excuse herself to the lavatory, but I think it was some powers that be somewhere trying to give me the hardest flight possible. If I want to be with my love, I apparently have to go through as many hurdles as possible.

And then I landed.

I was officially no longer a Californian.


The weekend was relatively uneventful. It felt like any other visit to see Taer. Today was the first "different" day because we both woke up and WENT TO WORK! My first day was good; I'll write about it later. My man is making dinner, and I'm going to go help now. It's good to be home.


lisa said...

jenn, you'll ALWAYS be a true californian. don't you forget it! so sorry to hear about your plane problems and all the annoyances! when i got sick on the plane recently, my main concern was not grossing people out. i'm glad you made it safely out there. now hurry back! haha. i miss you.

jennipah said...

lis, you and the beach boys are right: i AM a california girl! i wish we all could be. but for now, i'm here. i miss you too!

Art said...

You're just beginning a new adventure! Imagine all the new fun and exciting places you will soon discover! Washington is a great place. You'll fit in well. ;-)

Parisjasmal said...

The title of your post is also the title of a HORRID book I purchased on ITunes. I thought it would be kinda like sex in the city DC style, but NOPE! It is about a shallow, drug taking girl with no ambition except to get her rent paid by older, married men. She recently moved to DC from NYC. There is no plot, no story line, nada of any worth. UGH.

Enjoy your new life with your love!

Buffy said...

Don't get me started on the way airlines keep changing their baggage limit/requirements these days. Honestly, the last time I flew with US Airways, it changed the morning I flew and the freaks still charged me.

Frank said...

welcome to the east coast. youll be fine. youll excel over here. and powerpoint. har har. sorry nerd it joke. work always gets in the way.


ps cant believe youre taller than chip AND pepper.

pps dont stop blogging its one of the few pleasant work distractions ive got over here.

pps oops! forgot a big huge one!! congrats on the engagement.

ppps hope to see you more since youre out here now.

pppps ultra hot chile pictures. im upset you didnt bring me a penguin but thats fine.

helen jordan said...

OMG- you moved! I'm sorry to hear about your painful and annoying flight. Take Care!
Helen J. (from yelp)

jennipah said...

thanks to all of you for your supportive comments! i'm adjusting well and will post something soon. i don't plan to stop blogging, so maybe i can get my own "washingtonianne" book out there some day...