Wednesday, April 5

Restaurant Menus

In this icky weather and as I've been packing my arse off at home, I've found myself wishing I could just order in every night. Unfortunately, I sometimes have a hard time finding menus for all of my restaurants of choice. WELL...

Look what I found! The Menu Pages has online menus for San Francisco, NYC, Boston and Chicago! They even specify joints which deliver, as well as 24-hour venues. Of course it figures that I would just discover this during my last official week here. Hmph!

(OK, I've pretty much been eating out every night to make sure I don't miss any final dining destinations, so this is a bit of a lie. I wouldn't have used it this week... but I thought this would make a good post. Also, I'm too stressed to think straight, so rather than laying my negative vibes out there, I figured I'd share some useful information instead. So there you go. Back to work for me!)

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