Monday, April 17

My week, in pictures

We're driving with the top down here, enjoying the gorgeous weather. Taer has been letting me practice driving stick. Yes, I've been riding Taer's stick - go ahead and insert your own dirty joke here. We didn't actually go to the arboretum, but I just liked the sign. I think we take 495 a lot, but I'm not totally sure. I don't know the roads yet. With my sense of direction, it's going to take me forever to learn. Does anyone have any opinions or suggestions on GPS systems?
Here's that immigration march during my second day of work in D.C.Ah, yes, the selling of ice cream during the march. So very American! The parks downtown are actually quite pretty. The east coast definitely has a different "flava." We were getting drinks by the water when I took this shot. I'm not used to hanging out near water without feeling cold - there are some advantages to having actual seasons. (I know I'm saying that now, but ask me how I feel again when it's not spring or fall.)
I spent Easter with Yun and a lot of cute kids. (Yun is the friend who introduced me to Taer!) Yun's daughter, Hailey, is a CUTIE! She was too little to actually participate in the Easter Egg Hunt this year, but those other kids better watch out next year!Olivia is William's big sister, and they're both so cute, I always want to BITE right into them!Olivia is picking William's nose. It was kinda gross, but it was mostly SO CUTE!
Happy Monday!

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chenja said...

What cute kids! I bet u were in heaven. re: gps, george's friend has a Garmin Nuvi and loves it. My dad got a Tomtom Go and it's supposed to be good too. miss u!