Wednesday, April 12


I'm blogging and lunching. I'm blunching.

It's been a good first few days as an east coaster. I feel tougher already. No more avocados for this Washingtonian! Just kidding. Give me my guac, please.

Monday was a gorgeous day. After I got off the Metro, I had a view of the Washington Monument as I walked to work. And in the afternoon, my new boss and I took a walk around the corner to check out the immigration march. I've got to admit that it feels pretty good to be around so much history and political activity.

I thought I'd be really sad for a while, but I'm glad to report no such thing. At least not so far. Of course I miss tons of people and other things about San Francisco, but it's been nice being a homebody with Taer. I've even turned into a bit of a morning person! I've never been one to stay at home much, nor do I usually see the sunrise, but that's what I can say about myself now.

But it hasn't even been a week.

I don't think it's actually sunk in yet. Uh, maybe that'll happen when I tell my parents. But that's a whole other story too. It's time for getting back to work and post-blunch coffee.


chenja said...

I'm glad to hear you're settling in well... But we miss you! SF isn't quite the same without you...

Parisjasmal said...

You look like you just stepped out of Vogue, or right of Bleeker Street after a day of shopping, or you just left Tyson's Corner with your coffee in hand. You look chic to the max!

You are living in DC, but you have not told your parents? I am confused. Don't they know you are gone?
I must be missing something, or you must be crafty like ice is cold.

I am glad you are enjoying your time time there.

jennipah said...

chenja - i miss you and sf too!!!

parisjasmal - thanks for the compliment! but i'm supposed to look like i'm ready to meet with the federal legal community. oy. i'll explain the parental thing in my next post. let me know if it's still confusing... which it actually is.