Saturday, April 1

Rain, rain, go away

I just got back from a run, which made me realize that I haven't gone running in a while. I'm not normally lazy when it comes to working out. I have a few excuses: my ankles haven't been in great shape since Chile, and I've been busy with work stuff and family matters.

But above all else, I blame it on the rain. (Milli Vanilli may have been wrong for lip-syncing, but they got one thing right.)

We had a record-breakingly wet March. Downtown San Francisco had 25 rainy days in March. The old record was 23 days, and that was set in 1904! What should be the normal number of March rain days? 10.

Ten, people! I am a San Franciscan, not a Seattlean. Seattleite? Seattleonian? Whatever they're called. We're supposed to get some rain, but we're mostly known for our fog. C'mon Mama Nature, can we get our weather back for my last days here? Please?

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random internet person said...

Hehe, how to put your fist in your mouth. V funny. I can't do it though.