Thursday, August 3

Running of the brides

If our families didn't come around, we were going to elope. Now that everyone's on the same page, we get to have a real-deal, white dress, people crying (my mother eyes, at the very least, will undoubtedly be quite wet), champagne toasting, dancing to 80's music, more-than-it-should-rightfully-cost wedding!

I told myself that I would NOT be a bridezilla. I want to keep things simple; and really, I do NOT want to spend too much on this singular day. Seriously! After all, I'm just happy to be with the love of my life.

But then I started calling wineries in Napa and other possible wedding sites in San Francisco. Man, they're expensive! Well, I guess if we really want to splurge a little on the location, that should be ok - right? We'll just keep budgets smaller for other things.

However, we don't want to skimp on our photographer either, do we? I mean, after all, we'll be looking back on the pictures forever. FOREVER is a very long time. We'll be showing them to our grandchildren: our grandchildren should be able to enjoy our wedding too, shouldn't they? Yes, they should. We'll have to cut expenses elsewhere.

OK, the dress. Lucky for our budget, I haven't been dreaming of my princess dress my entire life, and I'd be happy in just about anything that looks decent on me. But I will admit that I do love me a pretty, pretty dress...

That's why I'm planning to go to Filene's Basement's wedding gown event tomorrow morning! And, crazy me, I'm going at FIVE stinkin hurt me now o'clock in the morning. (I still consider that nighttime - ugh!) Wish me luck. If I get a $250 dress, I'll be saving us lots and LOTS of money! Yay!

(That means I can pay a visit to Jimmy or Manolo...)


maisnon said...

And your on a first name basis with Jimmy and Manolo - I'm sure they'll cut you a deal!

maisnon said...

your = you're. How totally embarassing!

Anonymous said...


kep... introduced me to your blog a while back, and I too, like to read it. We do have our own lives too, promise. No crazy stalking or anything. But I wanted to say congrats too. More importantly: When you go to the wedding dress thing tomorrow, bring shoes (things don't look the same without shoes) and you may even want to go in a swim suit--to try things on right away.


jennipah said...

thanks for the comments and advice! i welcome and appreciate visitors' comments (especially when they're not ;P crazy stalkers) and will let you know how the day went.

maisnon. you caught yourself right away, so not all that embarassing. i'm a grammar stickler; and i just finished reading 'Eats, Shoots & Leaves' - you might enjoy it too, based on your catch.