Tuesday, August 15

The biggest purchase of my life

More good news to share...


I've been stewing with this goodness for a few weeks now but was afraid of something going wrong. As of today, we have our new keys in hand, so I can finally share. It's a townhouse in Woodley Park, and it's the best one we saw, so I no longer care that we lost our bid in Dupont Circle. Yay! Our movers are coming on Thursday, so I've gotta continue packing (again!) and will relay more details later.

All I can say is that I truly believe that everything all works out in the end. We just have to wade through the icky stuff at times, but a little bit o ick helps us appreciate the yum. Yu-um!


Art said...

Congrats on your BIG purchase! :-)

Parisjasmal said...

Congrats on such a significant step in your life.

I hope you love your new digs!