Thursday, November 9

I've got a sty on my right eye

There's a lot of news running through my head, like election day results and the breakup of Britney and K-Fed (who is now being called FedEX). But the thing at the top of my mind, selfishly, is what's going on with my eye. I discovered a sty.

This might not seem like groundbreaking news, but the thing is: THE EAST COAST IS DOING THINGS TO MY BODY! Things are happening to me which NEVER happened before. Aforementioned sty, for example. And my first beads of sweat. With the weather turning cold, I've been finding random dry patches lately. And a couple months ago, my most shocking first: I discovered sun spots on my hands! AaaAAHHHhhhh!!!!!

Luckily, I haven't suffered any permanent damage (that I know of, anyway). I don't know about this whole "seasons" thing, people. The fall foliage is pretty, but this California girl isn't faring too well...


Anonymous said...

Oh Jennipah!! we welcome you back to the sunshine state, with open arms!... the 49ners is coming to santa clara and A's to Fremont!!!!

Parisjasmal said...

Hi Jennipah,

I used to get styes all the time. One time my aunt (please remember I lived in Oklahoma) told me to go somewhere that 3 roads meet, then stand in the spot where the roads meet and say "Stye Stye on my eye...give it to the next one that comes by." My Aunt Ruth swore by this. She also thought dropping a dishtowel was really bad luck, and if you wore your pajamas inside out you would dream of witches. Yes I was raised by wolves.
The point is--it always cleared up my styes, so maybe it would not hurt for you to try it--HA!

Have you tried the stye medicine from the drug store---or a hot wash cloth? Both of those things seem to help.

chenja said...

Poor You! Yes, a super super hot wet towel to the sty twice a day for 5 minutes will help. It's funny, but I havent had a sty since I moved to the West Coast. I think you're on to something!

Lisa researching sty treatment said...

Sometimes it helps to pluck the hair follicle closest to the sty. If it doesn't cause it to drain, it may at least help to relieve some of the pressure.