Sunday, October 29

My Halloween weekend with the kids

I love these kids!

Here's William; he was the Blue's Clue's dog, but now he's just in his under clothes. Anyway, he recently learned two things:
1. How to JUMP with air (he used to just squat down and then stand straight up when he "jumped" before) and

Ashley is a VERY animated little girl with a LOT of energy. She gives me some competition in those areas. Um... I look kinda crazy in this shot.

"Rock, scissors, paper" in Korean is "Ga-wi, ba-wi, bo" - these kids just like the way it sounds.

We had a dance party!


Camilla said...

too cute!! how come you didn't join in on the dance party and show them a few moves of your own?! :)

jennipah said...

trust me, i DID join in. but someone had to be the videographer!

me, myself and irene said...

HAHA! Adorable! Ashley is so silly - you definitely hung on longer than I ever could have. Would have made myself dizzy!

Parisjasmal said...

They are just precious.
How lucky to have fun Auntie Jennipah to play with!