Wednesday, October 11

"Hair Down There"???

When gmail was initially announced, some people were weary of it feeding subject-specific ads based on the emails being sent and received. Was someone actually reading through our email? Was this an invasion of privacy? Personally, I didn't think so. I figured that Google used some word identifying tool which would automatically just spit back paid advertisements mechanically. I really like gmail's interface and the way it gathers group messages for me based on subject line, so I'm all for it. (My group of ten girlfriends are all over the country, and we keep in touch through group weekend update emails. But instead of getting nine separate emails, I just get one with all the messages gathered from all the girls for me.)

Anyway, back to the reason for my post today. Audrey is a friend here who cuts and colors hair beautifully, and Justyne emailed a bunch of us about how much she loves the "fall foliage" highlights Audrey just gave her. So the resulting gmail sponsored link was:

COLORING PUBIC HAIR - - Color your Pubic Hair. Natural Looking. For "Hair Down There"

DO PEOPLE REALLY DO THAT? Justyne did mention that she had to change the color of her brows because of her new highlights, but DOWN THERE??? And are people going for all one color, or are they getting matching highlights? What did Gwen Stefani do when she had pink hair?????