Sunday, September 17

Our brush with Project Runway

I spent the weekend in New York for Camilla's birthday. As we were strolling around Nolita, we saw a long ling of people waiting outside a store, with a sign in the window warning that Bravo TV was filming. Turned out to be Emmett McCarthy's new store, EMc2 and guess who we ran into?...

Alison from the current season of Project Runway was hanging around outside! Though I didn't want to "bother" her, I decided it might be ok in the end. She is JUST as adorable and beautiful as she looks on the show, and I have a girl crush on her (and her mom, who is in the background of this photo). Darling Alison, we told you that you got kicked of WAY too early, and it was unfair; and you simply smiled and told us it was ok. Cute AND sweet too? Yes, I'm in love!Malan was our next victim. Though you was a bit pretentious on the show, you won me over with your final, "I never really had a lot of friends before" speech when you got kicked off. You were a total sweetheart in person (but I still can't tell what kind of accent you have). Did you study under Madonna?Tim Gunn! We heart you! You seemed totally sincere as you apologized to the masses that you had to leave because you were late for filming. We forgive you for not taking a picture with us. Your bodyguard looks like he could use a little LESS grooming. Please be a friend and tell him so.Chloe, go on and represent for the Asian American women out there! Tell Emmett that I'm sorry I cut his head off in this picture. He's too damn tall! I wish we caught you before you rushed into the store!Nick, dearest Nick. You are a sweetheart and a half. You were drinking wine when we interrupted you, which made me love you more. You didn't seem to care that I approached you with a stalker-like admiration when I broke into your literal circle of friends. You graciously posed for this shot and let me blabber on about your cute top in the store. OMG, your hand is on my neck - I may NEVER wash that part of my body again! We've got nothing but love for you, honey! This is the store. Check it out! Goodbye, Tim. Good from the front AND from the back! You still have that same bodyguard, though. I think I can take him. Let me know if you want a tough, petite Korean chick to take his place.If you don't love Project Runway, then I must stop for a minute and mourn for you. It's THAT good.


Tbone said...

Jennipah - you provided my all-time favorite comment on BPR during Season 2 with your Andrae fantasy.

How thrilled I am to see that you got to meet so many fabulous people on Saturday. You look gorgeous!

And I would totally fear you as Tim's bodyguard. :)

Jennifer said...

Clicked over here from BPR, awesome pictures, I was in NYC last weekend but for some reason I didn't even think of going to the event! Anyway I just wanted to comment because my name is Jennifer and I'm Korean and many of my relatives also pronounce my name Jennipah =)

Parisjasmal said...

OHMIGOD--You got a pic with Malan Breton from Taiwan who twirls his baton whilst eating flan! I heart Malan!

You are my hero Jennipah!
What an awesome "in the right place at the right time" set of photos.
I also love Nick. Alison so reminds me of Thindy Brady.

My fave line of PR this season is when the designers were going to a challenge and Laura wore a riding outfit (which was strange but so much better than the to the navel tops that showcase her NO-cleavage) and Alison says to her "It'th a good think you wore your riding boot'th in cathe there are hortheth". I laughed for hours!


jennipah said...

tbone - thanks to you and yours for sharing my pics with your world. i WOULD be a scary bodyguard, so i'm thinking of applying asap! ;)

jennifer - very nice to meet a fellow jennipah! my relatives don't even know my korean name; it's kinda funny actually. my halmunee writes it in korean characters. do you get that too?

parisjasmal - you never fail to crack me up! welcome back. i was floating after i met these beautiful peeps; they're even more charming in person. no hortheth anywhere, but it was still very spethial!

Roonie said...

I don't watch Project Runway!

maisnon said...

Check out m'girl Heather's time with Tim Gunn!