Friday, September 1

Korean men are sensitve and totally ripped

This Washington Post article is too funny. There's apparently a 'Korean Wave' blazing its way through Asia. I was feeling the wave of my people becoming hot lately, largely due to the popularity of Korean movies among non-Koreans. Taer's Vietnamese hair cutting lady talks his ear off about the latest K-flick every time she trims his locks lately. Tina's Chinese grandma recently asked me if I knew where she could get Chinese-dubbed Korean movies. This story, interestingly, focuses only on the men:

"Entertainment industry leaders in Seoul credit the phenomenon to good marketing coupled with an uncanny response throughout Asia to the expressive nature of the South Koreans -- long dubbed the Italians of Asia. A hearty diet and two years of forced military duty, industry leaders and fans insist, have also made young South Korean men among the buffest in Asia. Most important, however, has been the South Korean entertainment industry's perfection of the strong, silent type on screen -- typically rich, kind men with coincidentally striking looks and a tendency to shower women with unconditional love."

Of course my buff 'Italian' Stallion Taer, out of the kindness of his unconditionally loving heart, felt that he needed to forward this important piece of news to me. I don't know if he read the quote:

"But to tell you the truth, I still haven't met a real one who fits that description."

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Anonymous said...

WOW!!! My cousin came acrossed this blog and told me I had to read and leave my comment, so here I am. I've been with my Korean boyfriend now three years. Ops!! Correction ... My fiancé , he just purposed couple months ago. It amazed me how do workers , friends, even strangers from different enethics background would compliments my fiancé . Sure, given the fact he's strikingly handsome and look as he stepped out from a GQ page. He seem to draw attention to center of the room when he entered, perhaps due to the beautiful facial structure, 6'3 al
atlethic figure. He's a commodity trader therfore Monday - Friday he's in taylored suits public we often gets stares because we do stand out . I remember once at a coffee shop a lady walked over and told us she never seen " such a beautiful Asian couple" as we are. Wow!!! She even asked if we were some sort of Asian celebs, we gratefully thanks her but unfortunately we just your average Asian couple. My point is I don't know what image of " Korean men image" that everybody seem to have due to drama flicks on tv, what I will tell you is my fiancé best qualities is not his physical features, but its his warm genuine emotional connection. I feel blessed to have him, but in returned he made me feel as I'm a queen, he constantly tell me how lucky it is for him to be in my life, how beautiful I am, he tells me how he can't think of a better person to grow old with. Chicago's winter can be so brutal , I don't drink coffee but there is not a day goes by he don't bring my hot chocolate and fresh fruits and bagel . My day at work can be stressful at time , once I entered our home I feel love & comforts. We can be at a function with room full of people , while engaged in a business conversation when look acrossed the room his eyes meet mine , I know he sees no others but me. So yes .. There is that handsome movie star Korean men out there that love and worship the women they in love with. I know I found one and I'm not letting him go.