Tuesday, May 9

Wanna bet?

Taer and I were watching Grey's Anatomy when he said, "Hey, that's your guy."

I looked at the scruffy dude being pulled in on a stretcher. "What guy?"

"You know. Harold and Kumar."

"John Cho?" The actor also went to Berkeley, where I remember thinking, Who's the cutie who works at that cafe? I found out when I started seeing that same cutie pop up on both the big and small screens, one of his notable roles being the M.I.L.F. guy in American Pie. And I decided I had a crush on him. Maybe it's because I admire him for taking his English degree and bravely going after an acting career instead of being pushed into a more dutifully conventional Korean American pursuit (uh, such as law school). Maybe I'm just jealous. Maybe he's just plain cute. Whatever it may be, my crush is my crush. And it's enough to make Taer call him my guy. I looked back at the Mr. Miyagi-looking man on our tv, and I replied, "No way! His face is too big."
"Well, he's lying down, and that neck brace could make him look different too."

I kept analyzing. Not cute. "That's not him."

"Wanna bet?"

"What should we bet?" I started to think of all the things we could wager. My last bet resulted in a good male friend wearing a very female-sized t-shirt of mine for a week. I could do the same to Taer. Or I could ask him to be my slave, and the next time we played poker with his friends, I would then make him dance like a monkey. Or, even better, like Britney Spears in her Slave for You video. I could make Taer go grocery shopping in only his boxers. "It's on!"

"OK... How 'bout the loser has to fold the entire next load of laundry by themselves?"

Snooze. Laundry folding didn't sound nearly as fun as half-naked dance routines. But I had to admit that it was actually a very enticing bet in the end. Man, we really are an old married couple already!

"OK!" I watched anxiously as we bloop bloop bloop'ed our TiVo past the commercials. When Mr. Miyagi was sitting up without his neck brace... he was magically transformed into the object of my crush. "Oh, no!" How could John Cho let me down? How could he look so not cute?

I hate laundry. Next time, I'm going to bet that the loser has to get a bikini wax.


laura said...

That's so funny b/c I couldn't place him at first and then totally thought the same thing Taer did . . . "That's the Harold and Kumar guy!"

You're right, he wasn't as cute lying down, but I kinda liked the scruffy look ;)

lee said...

actually, i swear i totally knew it was him! i didn't recognize him for like the first 2 minutes though, and then it came to me. and then i thought of you!