Thursday, May 18

Who needs YouTube or NetFlix or iTunes?

Not I! ...Ok, so that's not totally true.

But here's what happened: I missed the Grey's Anatomy finale on Monday night. Ugh, I know. I KNOW! It heard it was really good, and I was really sad. It had to do with TiVo settings and other things I won't get into. All I knew is that I needed to find it somewhere, somehow.

YouTube, who solved my tv woes in the past, was doing me wrong. I couldn't find it! Google Video didn't have it anywhere either. Lucky for me, I've got a tech-savvy little bro. And now that's lucky for anyone else who missed it too. AND this is much BETTER QUALITY that YouTube or Google Video.

Here's whatcha do:
  1. Download Azureus
  2. Search for whatever you want to watch on
  3. Download that (which can take some time, depending on how big/long the video is).

When you go find that wherever you've saved it, you'll get to watch dvd-quality video, right there on your computer! Voila!

And I cried. I'm not normally a crier when it comes to tv or movies, but I cried. Thank goodness for Grey's Anatomy and brothers and Azureus and TorrentSpy!


Anonymous said...

You do know this is totally illegal, right? It will be shut down sooner than later as more people are aware of it (just like Napster, etc...)

Parisjasmal said...

I totally cried too. I am glad you were able to find it (illegal or otherwise).
I flippin love that show.

Do you think Izzy will really leave? I heard she (the actres) has totally been getting movie roles. If she leaves it will be like ER--it will go down the tubes when all the main characters start leaving.

Hope you are loving DC Jennigirl!

jennipah said...

i do realize this is illegal, and i'm not trying to promote illegal activity. i'm actually all about supporting intellectual property rights. (sorry for getting lawyerly.)

i was just SO sad to miss grey's, which was simply a TiVo thing, that i figured others might want this too.

really hard to say about izzy... i hope everyone stays!