Wednesday, October 17


To my friends who have noticed I haven't been blogging, I thank you for caring. I haven't dropped off the face of DC (though I've considered giving up on trying to find good Mexican food, along with Fernet being served anywhere within driving distance). The truth is, the good ole "tour" is not what it used to be. I might have to change the name of this blog... or at least remove the darn exclamation point. I no longer feel exclamation point worthy! I changed jobs - same company, different position - and now, instead of exploring the new, hip restaurants of San Francisco, I'm driving all over the state of Maryland in my new Prius. Alas. It is what it is.

The good news is that I did finally get myself automobilically-enabled; my daddy still has my silver Prius. My new baby is black and beautiful. (That last sentence on its own might evoke raised brows and questioning looks.) Anyway, the new ride came as a result of my new job, which has kept me ridiculously busy. Thus, the horrid visit to the DC DMV. And the heart-wrenchingly unsympathetic shredding of my beloved CA licence before my very own DC-residing eyes. I think the DMV should be required to have a psychiatrist on site. Are they the ones who can prescribe drugs, or am I thinking of psychologists? Anyway, I needed the mental assistance, but all I had was the lady who told me to smile for my picture, which turned out HUGE on my new license. Go ahead, make your own "big head" jokes and insert 'em right here. Continue reading when you're done.

So I actually considered taking down my blog altogether at one point because I was doing such a bad job of keeping it up. And then I remembered why I kept it in the first place: I want more. (I really wish I would've written this before Britney's new "Gimme More" was released because that's what played in my mind as I typed...) I love to write, and this shouldn't be a chore. I love my friends, and it shouldn't be so hard for me to find the time to pick up the phone to say hello. I love my husband, and my new job shouldn't keep me so busy and tired that I can't enjoy my time with him. Why did I move all the way here, after all?

So I've recommitted myself to writing again. I'm working on another DailyCandy freelance piece. And I'm going to be better about keeping in touch with the people who matter most to me. And I'm going to spend quality time with my beloved Taer, without complaining to him about how hard this new job is. And I'm going to live to LIVE, and not because I'm trying to chase a dollar or prove myself in one way or another to people who don't really care about me being me.

And I hope I recognize myself again.


Tom said...

I look forward to reading more exciting and interesting news of your life! -from a san francisco fan

Rockwell Kent said...

Do your thing, babygirl.

Writing is obviously in your blood. Don't deny the urge. Surrender to it.

You did your daughter duty and became a lawyer against your true desire - it's an amputation but one I understand because I did the same thing.

But, write, honey, write.

Here's what's carved on a desk I bought many years ago and it might serve you too:

"Look thee into thine heart and write!"

Maybe you're not being outrageous enough in your writing ambitions?

Being clamped down doing something you don't love can shrivel your heart.

Think big, think bold.

But keep your ambitions to yourself or to a limited few. Nurture it in the quiet of your heart and mind and watch it grow. It needs a quiet and safe place to grow beyond the glare and noise of the public.

And, yes, amen to the black is beautiful. :-)

lee said...

yay! you're back!

Parisjasmal said...

Hey Jenn-
I have periodically checked
your blog in hopes you would soon resurface.
HOORAY you are back!

In the last year, you went through so many major life changes. I am sure you needed time to just breathe and find your groove in your new situations and surroundings.

I will look forward to your writings--you are such an upbeat person, and you have a lot to say and share.

Congrats on your new black baby Prius and I wish you peace in finding your passion.



minnesotajen said...


yes, we haven't talked in forever. but i still miss you:) love that you're blogging again. i check back every so often and see what you're up to.

you're a genuine rockstar. so keep it up.


jennipah said...

thanks, everyone! though i should just write for myself, i do appreciate the support. and i'll keep on writing!