Wednesday, May 16

We're back!

I *think* I should be back to my usual blogging ways soon. In the meantime, here's a little something from our wedding:


Problem Child said...

Congratulations. It's a beautiful wedding.

pat said...

Heh, I was totally going to say what problem child said =]


(Btw, wandered in here from yelp!)

Camilla said...

i think snow patrol should use this video montage of your wedding for that song. it's beautiful! i just wish i remembered more of it! :)

Karen said...

That was seriously beautiful! Many congratulations!

Sung said...

Congrats! Thanks for sharing this video - Jeff and I are so very happy for you both. Can't wait to catch up!

Parisjasmal said...

sitting. here. bawling.

How beautiful! Thank you for sharing your wedding video.

I have missed your posts!

I hope you are drunk on wedded bliss!


Meril said...


Beautiful wedding and the song is perfect! I agree with Camilla. You looked gorgeous

minnesota jen said...

congratulations. congratulations. congratulations!!!!! just wanted to say hi from the left coast and that i've thought about you a million times in the past year- hope things are going well!!! and your wedding montage is beautiful!